You can actually show the payment method icons at your online store footer to increase the trust and credibility. Every design that deems to increase the trustworthy of your online business is a must-to-do.

1. Install the MineStyle/HappyKitchen/DremsBedding/TheSummer/AdventureCamping/Flower&TeaHouse/Prisme/Inspiration/MensCLUB/Wild Heart theme templates (EasyStore Control Panel > Themes > Browse all themes)

Notes: Only MineStyle/HappyKitchen/DremsBedding/TheSummer/AdventureCamping/Flower&TeaHouse/Prisme/Inspiration/MensCLUB/Wild Heart EasyStore Free Theme templates having the function to display icons at footer.

2. After installing the theme templates, remote to Themes > Customize theme>  Footer logo

3. Here you can check all the options that you wanted to display on your online store footer: 

4. Save

Attached is the GIF image for reference:-

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