Website Translator helps to expand your business internationally.

Potential customers might leave your store because of they: 

  • Expect your store to be available in their preferred language. 
  • Do not understand the language of your store.
  • Not allow choosing their preferred language.

With Website translator, you customers are able to: 

  • Choose the country language from more than 100 available options.
  • Translate website language instantly without any coding skills.

1. Log in to EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Browse all apps > Website Translator > Install this app

2. Click on Google Website Translator

3. Click "Add to your website now"

4. Fill in your domain name (website URL) in the red rectangle column >Next

5. Amend the setting (Optional) >  "Get Code"

6. Copy the code

7. Back to EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Website Translator, paste the code into the field > Save settings


Full video for Website Translator installation & function

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