Important note:

- The "View More Products" button will only display if your featured products have more or equal to 20. (Categorized products as featured products: Products > Click into product > Collections > Feature on homepage)

1. Go to Themes > ... > Edit HTML/CSS

2. Snippets > featured-product.liquid > Scroll to the bottom 

3. Paste code below after the last row

{% if collection.products >= 20%}
<hr class="hr--clear">
<div class="text-center">
    <a class="" href="/collections/all" title="View More Products">View More Products →</a>
{% endif %}


  • You can change the title to your preference, e.x. View All Products 
  • You can adjust the placement of the button by changing the "center" to "right"/"left"

4. Save

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