All new collections and sub collections will automatically appear under the default "Catalog" tab in your navigation. However, you can create links for the collections and have them displayed on the main navigation menu separately.

Before getting started

a. Make sure you have created the Collection 

(Products > Collections > Add collection)

b. Make sure you have assigned the product(s) to specific collection

How to add product categories on navigation menu : 

1. Go to Content > Navigations > Add Navigation

2. Select "Main Menu" and "Link"

3. Insert the URL of the collection

Getting the URL link of your collections

4. When Paste the link, remember to remove the front part domain name in the URL link!

5. Fill in the Navigator name. Click "Save" once you are done.

Note: Make sure the Navigator name is the same as the name of your collection/category

6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 for other collections.

Hope this helps!

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