This is a guide for you to have more sliders for online store. No coding knowledge needed. Simply follow the steps below to add more sliders.


  • Able to highlight more products
  • Able to provide more information
  • Increase sales

Let's say we want to make 10 sliders for our online store, here are the procedures:

  1. Go to EasyStore Admin > Themes > ... > Edit Source > Config > settings_schema.json  (You can find this at the last one in the left side list)
  2. Look for <"label": "Social media">  (Around row 740 - 745) 
  3. Find the square bracket " ] " at above, add this code <   , "number" : 11   > behind it:

 Explanation: In this case, you want to add the sliders until 10 sliders. You will need to key in 11 as the inputs showed above.
[ 11 = (number sliders required) + 1 ]

4. Click "Save" button on the top right.

5. Go to settings_data.json. Copy and paste these coding after the <"slide_4_alt": "",>
      "slide_(number)": "",
      "slide_(number)_jpg": "",
      "slide_(number)_link": "",
      "slide_(number)_alt": "",

Notes: Change the (number) to 5,6,7,8,9,10 as shown below.

6. Click the "Save" button once again.

7. Navigate to the slider.liquid under the snippets category, change the number <4> to <10> as shown:

8. Click the "Save" button once again.

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