In this article :
a. What is Trustmark
b. Benefit
c. How to add trustmark at store front
d. Adding own trustmark
e. Adjust trustmark to left or right
f. Tips (adjust size/position of logo)
g. GIF tutorial

This article will guide you to add trustmark at store front's footer, keep the trustmark at the bottom of social media icons.

a. What is Trustmark
Trustmark is an electronic commerce badge, image or logo displayed on a website to indicate that the website business has been shown to be trustworthy by the issuing organization.

b. Benefit of having one
A trustmark gives confidence to customers and indicates to them that it is safe to do business with the website displaying it.

c. How to add trustmark at store front
We use Biztrust as an example to explain on the guide :

  1. Go to Themes > Edit Source > go to the folder layout/theme.liquid

2. Go to the line 248, or CTRL F search for "social link" to direct to the line

3. Copy and paste this code to line 248

<a href="" target="_blank"><img style="width: 100px;" src=""></a>

It will appears like this :

d. Adding own trustmarkIf you have another image or URL instead of biztrust, you may edit the default code below, adding your own link and image link:

<a href=“link” target=“_blank”><img style=“width: 100px;” src=“image link”></a>

Save and done.

e. Adjust trustmark to left or right
Example: Left side - 

Want the logo to be located at the left side?
opy and paste the code below :

<a href="" target="_blank"><img style="width: 100px; margin-left= 100%; " src=""></a>

Example: Right side -


  1. If you want to adjust the size of the logo, you may adjust the width: 100px; by changing the number. 
  2. If you want to adjust the place of the logo by redirect them to middle or not too side, then you may adjust the margin-left= 100%; by changing the percentage. 

GIF tutorial

P/S: to view it larger, right click on the gif tutorial and click "open image in new tab"

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