Add links or pages is easier for merchant to deliver the message to customer/visitor. For example: Testimonials, Product info, Shipping info, Payment info etc. 

Other than that, merchant can add link which link to their blog, promotion items, and some highlighted collection to increase the sales. 

This is for customer/visitor easier to get the info thru the navigation menu.


  • Easier to deliver message to customer/visitor
  • Easier for customer/visitor to get info from navigation menu
  • Increase merchant reputation
  • Increase sales

In this article

I. Add page as a button

II. Add link as a button

Part I: Add page

1. Admin > Content > Pages > Add page > Select template

2. Fill/Select in the relevant field

Title - Page title
Description - Page content
Visibility - When to show your page in website
Navigation - Display in the selected navigation part
Edit SEO - Setup the page URL & handle, also the meta description

4. Save page

Attached GIF image for extra reference:

Part II: Add link

1. Admin > Content > Navigations > Add navigation

2. Select/Fill in the relevant field

Menu - Place to show the navigation link
Navigation type - Link
URL and handle - The link you would like to reach
Open in new tab - Open the link in new tab
Navigator name - The link name display in the website
Navigator publish date - When you would like to publish the navigator 

3. Save link

Attached GIF image for extra reference:

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