Usually, sellers will install both the "EasyParcel Malaysia" app and "EasyParcel Malaysia Rate" app to use the EasyParcel fulfilment service. Once you've installed the "EasyParcel Malaysia Rate" app, it will automatically show all the available shipping carrier shipping rate for your customers during checkout.

However, some sellers would like to fulfil the selected shipping carrier service only (e.g. POS LAJU). Here are the setups to suit your purpose:

Manually set up a shipping method

1. Uninstall the "EasyParcel Malaysia Rate" App from your EasyStore Apps.

2. Add a new shipping method (your selected shipping carrier) based on the Shipping rate same as EasyParcel Shipping rate calculations.
*You may set a different shipping rate from the EasyParcel, it will still work. 

Here is an example for POS Laju:

3. Save.

4. Your customer will only see the selected shipping carrier service at the checkout page and you can still fulfil the orders by using the EasyParcel Malaysia Service.

Fulfill an order

Must know: Fulfilling an order with EasyStore app means the parcel is ready to be despatched & collected by the courier service. 

1. Log in your EasyStore > Orders > Click on the order that needs to be fulfilled > Fulfill with EasyParcel Malaysia

2. Select pickup date > Select delivery option > Select courier service > Fulfill

What's next?

1. Download your Air Waybill

2.  Print the Air Waybill and attach it to the parcel accordingly

3. Mr.Postman will collect the parcel from you.

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