Available for plans:

  • Free trial
  • Standard 
  • Business


This discount will apply to every specific quantity in a set. The discount can be set with extra condition:

  • Voucher code
  • Target customers
  • Selected payment methods
  • Usage per promotion
  • Usage per customer


3 T-shirts for $100
Original price $40

If customer purchases 6 T-shirts, calculation = $100 + $100.


1. EasyStore admin panel > Promotions > Add promotion

2. Select Discount > Selected products > Every specific quantity in a set

3. Enter your promotion title (it will not show to customers) > Enter display title (it will display to customers on cart page)

Tips: Refer Summary & Diagram on the right for reference 


4. Choose promotion settings:

  • Apply to: Selected products / selected variants / selected collections

Tips: Utilize the search function

  • Every certain quantity in a set to get discount: e.g 2 products quantity in a set
  • Discount option: By % OR $  OR Set to a fixed amount for each set 
  • Promotion active date: Start & end date / No expiry date

5. Apply extra condition (optional*)

- Voucher code:
Required to be entered during checkout

- Target customers:
Promotion applies to Public/ Logged-in members/ Selected customer groups

- Valid payment methods:
Apply to all/ Selected payment methods

- Store usage limit:
Total number of usage for this promotion

- Each customer usage limit:
Usage limit per customer for this promotion

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