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a. About Credit
b. Manually add credit to customers
c. Credit setting
d. How customers use their credits

About Credit

It allows you to reward your customers with credit, and refund your customers with a credit instead of cash. Your customers can spend the collected credit during their next purchase. 

Manually add credit to customers 

1. EasyStore Admin > Customers > Select customer ( who entitled for a credit ) 

2. Profile > Credit column > Insert the amount > Save

Must know:

Payment method will show as below on Order page

Credit setting

1. Discounts > Credits setting

2. Enable credit setting > Insert minimum order amount (optional*)

3.  Choose a credit type 

  • Received credit by purchase amount: Customer receives $X credits when spend $X amount
  • Received credit by percentage of total purchase amount: Customer receives X% of total amount spent as credit.
  • Received credit by fixed amount: Customer receives $X credits *regardless of order amount

4. Test your credit rate setting on the right calculator

Tips: You can review the total credit given, redeemed & unredeemed credit

How customers use their credit

1. The credit amount will show on customer's account as below

2. Customer can spend the credit balance during checkout

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