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a. Introduction
b. Create a page

a. Introduction

Display collections with a representativeness image will be able to give your customer an insight of what they are about to see before they click into it.

So, show all collections in one page is like providing a map to customer about what you sell. Image always easier to understand and attractive than words. Provide an attractive category instead of let your customer explore by clicks into categories on main menu bar one-by-one.

b. Create a page


  1. Content > Pages > Add page > Select template

2. Fill in page tittle, select visibility, and navigation (where the page tab located).

Navigation (where the page locate?)

  • Don't show in any navigation: Hide from storefront, share via link (copy from SEO) 
  • Main menu
  • Quick Links Footer 
  • Term & Policy Footer

3. Select the format for each section, it can be in text, image or video. If you do not need that section, select the 'dustbin' icon.
Tips: attach with a video or promotional image if your collections are not enough to complete borders

4. Select your option to upload images.

Insert your image title and image link. For image link, kindly paste in your collection URL so that it can redirect to it when clicked on.

5. Repeat the steps for your other images until you are done.

6. Save > Preview

Extra GIF image reference:

Hope this help

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