About Product Labels

Product labels allow you add customized labels for each product. You can either choose to use your own customized words as label or select existing label image. Therefore , it will attract customers with your product labels. 

Before : 

After : 

Install Product Labels


1. EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > Browse all apps  > Product Labels.


2.Install this app 


3.  Select Add Label 

4. If you want to customize your label name and insert it in Label name column > select Use label name as label ( exp : Preorder ) , 

    Background Colour and Text Colour 

If you want to select an image as label > you can directly choose and select the image label have been provided. 

Importance note: Either you can select all product or certain product for the label only also can. 

5.  After select product that you want for label > Save. 

Tutorial GIF

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