In this aticle:
a. Introduction
b. New a collection
c. Adding a product in collection
d. Adding sub-collections
e. Adjust the drop-down menu sequences at navigation bar

a. Introduction

Collection group similar together and let customer make comparison. Create products categories and collection is important in process of a building an online store. Clear category name and sub-category makes customers easy and efficiency to find products.

Note: All the collection will automatically appear on main navigation menu under the default "Products".

b. New a collection

  1. EasyStore Admin> Products > Collection > Add collection

2. Insert the tittle, upload a featured image (optional), collection description(optional) and choose visibility of the collection.

Tips: Featured image will be display as a banner of the collection page, description is under featured image. Example: Toy 

c. Adding product into collection

  1. Products > Add / Edit product > click on 'Collection' column > select a collection > Save 

 2. Add Products to collection in bulk
     Tick the borders to bulk select products > Manage collections > Select the
      collection > Save

d. Adding sub-collections

  1. Products > Collections > drag-and-drop collections to create sub-collections. Tips: Sub-collections support up to maximum 3 levels

e. Adjust the drop-down menu sequences at navigation bar 

  • Adjust sequences of the collections under Products (which display all collections).

1. Products > Collections > drag-and-drop method to adjust

Tips: same method to adjust Navigation menu sequences

Hope this help!

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