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a. About compare at price
b. Disable 'SALE' label

a. About compare at price

Compare at price is a price discount function that embed in Products, it show the compared price to customers.
For example: insert RM25 in compare at price section while RM20 is the original price.


Thus, 'SALE' label will auto display if compare at price function enabled. 

If you wish to unify all promotion 'SALE' label or it blocks your product display. You can disable 'SALE' label by Compare at price, you may follow the steps below:

b. Disable 'SALE' label

  1. Go to EasyStore's Admin > Themes > Edit source 

2. Look for assets/theme.scss > Ctrl + F to search "badge" (usually appear  at row 1) > Change display : table to display : none

3. Save and the label will be removed.

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Hope this helps! 

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