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About product variants

You may have a business need that requires you to create products that have variations in style, color, size, or other attributes. Each possible combination of these attributes on a particular product is known as a variant or variation.

Adding products with variants (New product)

1. Go to Products > Add product 

2. Fill in the "Name" of your product and add product "Images" (including images for all variations)

3. Fill in the product description and select collections.
4. Select Enable variants and set up Option name & Option values.


  • Use "Enter" to add another option value (e.g. S, M, L)
  • If you would like to edit/add the current product option value, please proceed it at "Add variant" (see screenshot below).

5. Fill in the Price of the product and necessary details.

6. Save page.
7. You may choose to add image for each variant.

Upon saving all the settings, you will be able to view the new changes and customers can select different product variations now!


Edit/add product variant (Existing product)

1. Go to Product Page > Click into product
2. Scroll to product details section > Add variant 

Add new variant
E.g. Add XS size for White & Black color.

2.1 Duplicate the current variant (So you do not need to fill in the details) 

2.2 Fill in the options (Make sure option names are not repeated) > Save

2.2 Repeat the same step (duplicate variant) and fill in the options

Edit existing variant
2.1 Choose the variant that you would like to edit

2.2 Edit the details > Save

Delete variant

  1. Go to Product Page > Click into product

2. Scroll to product details section > Edit options > Delete (Click on the "x" ) > Save

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