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a. Introduction
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a. Introduction

You will find out how to mass upload your products using Excel or CSV file. This function is especially useful for you if you have a wide range of products. It could tremendously save your time and absolutely accurate. Let's see how to do it.

b. Start import

  1. First, you need to download the upload file template.
    Go to EasyStore Admin > Products > More > Import products > click on 'CSV template' to download the upload file template.

2. Open the Excel or CSV file, insert your product details into the file accordingly. Attached below a guide on the description and limitation for each field.
( Hint: The wordings are too small? Don't worry, right click on the picture and open image in new tab for a clearer view. )

Important note:

  • Do not add or delete columns
  • One file can upload up to 2 product images only
  • If product has variants, all variants must have the same Handle and the number of rows must be the same as your option number ( refer screenshot below )

3. Once done,  save the file in .xls or .csv format.

4. Go back to Admin > Products > More > Import products > click on 'Choose File' to choose the file you saved earlier > Upload.

5. Once the upload succeeded, click on 'Start import' to import your products.
( Hint: click on 'Reupload' if you have chosen the wrong file and need to re-choose ).

6. Done.

Hope this help!

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