1. Do the plans include payment gateway? 

EasyStore yearly/biennially/triennially plan subscribers are entitled to apply a complimentary iPay88 PayPal account (limited time offer). 

If you would like to apply for other payment gateway(s), you may apply it from the payment gateway company that you preferred.

For the payment gateways available in EasyStore, you may refer to this page.

2. Are there any transaction fees? 

No, EasyStore does not charge on any transaction fee. You worked hard for your sales, it's yours. 

Transaction fee will only be charged by the payment gateway company.

3. How if the payment method I looking for is not offered by EasyStore?

Email us at support@easystore.co .We always welcome suggestion and new idea.

4. How can I cancel my subscription?

If you find EasyStore does not fit your needs, you can cancel your subscription at EasyStore Admin > Settings > Billing > Termination date > Cancel subscription.

5. Can I make an appointment or contact you through phone?

We do not offer walk-in appointment nor phone call service as we have shifted to full online operation. No worries, we're always here to help. Please let us know what information that you need and we will try our best to assist you.

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