1.0 Create product
2.0 Set up shipping method

1.0 Create product

Before creating a product, some details in which you will need to prepare:
a) product's title
b) product's description
c) product's image
d) product's price
e) product's variant
f) product's SEO description. 

To create a product, you can go to Products > Add product. When creating a product, you may manage the product into collection (category) which would allow the customer to find the product easily.
Adding Product
Manage Product Collection

2.0 Set up shipping method

There are 2 types of shipping method that are available in EasyStore, which are EasyParcel and manual shipping method.


With EasyParcel integration app, you are able to manage and deliver your parcel easily. If you were to integrate with EasyParcel service, the available couriers in which EasyParcel supported will be list down for your customers at the shipping page which allow your customers to choose the ideal courier to delivery the parcel.

You may refer to the link below to understand how EasyParcel works in EasyStore and how to setup the EasyParcel app.
Integrate EasyParcel (Malaysia)
How EasyParcel works in EasyStore

*Note: EasyParcel auto-calculation is based on the product weight, please be sure that your product has insert product weight for auto-detection to calculate the shipping fee. 

If you do not want all of the available courier service companies listed down on the shipping page but able to fulfill using EasyParcel, you can setup the selected shipping couriers by referring to the article below:  
Set up selected shipping courier for EasyParcel Malaysia fulfillment service

     Manual Shipping Method

EasyParcel Malaysia Rate app is installed by default.
If you do not want to use this service, you may uninstall the app to disable it. Then, create your own shipping method depending on which shipping method you want. You may refer to the guide below to create suitable shipping method:
Shipping methods (Based on item quantity)
Shipping Methods (Based on weight)
Shipping methods (Flat rate per order)
Shipping methods (Flat rate per item)

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