1.0 Sign up an EasyStore account
2.0 Purchase a domain name 

1.0 Sign up an EasyStore account

First, sign up an account with EasyStore and register your storename, email address and password. 

*Note: EasyStore will provide a temporary domain with format of "yourstorename.easy.co". Storename will be your auto-generated domain name.  For example:

This domain can be changed if you have own domain or you may purchase a new domain name to replace it. 

If you have your own domain, you can point the domain to us. For more information, you can refer here

If you would like to purchase a new domain name, you can refer to section 2.

Upon signing up an account, you may log in to your Admin - this is where you can setup your store settings, designing your store, and so on. 

This is how your Admin looks like:

2.0 Purchase a domain name

 If you would like to have your own domain with other extension such as .com, .net etc, you may purchase the domain from EasyStore at Settings > Domain > Register new domain to purchase a domain for your online business. The price of domain varies depend on the domain extension. 

For more information, you may refer to this link to complete the domain purchase.

With your own domain name, your customer can access to your website easily by searching your domain. Also, it could be your own unique identity to differentiate your competitors and you. 

EasyStore does not support domain extension with .com.my and .my. You may consider purchase from Exabytes or any third party, and point the domain to us.

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