1. How can I get notified when there's a new order?

You will be notified by email. It's the email address that you filled in the Account page

You may change your Account email address if you wish to receive the order notification with another email address. 

2. What do I do when I received a new order?

You will be able to see the status of the order is marked paid if the payment has been made through the payment gateway. 

If the payment is made through Bank Transfer, you can mark the payment as paid on the order page.

Your customer will receive an email notification once the order is marked paid.

3. How do I arrange the shipment?

You will need to collect the shipping rates of the courier service you using and insert the rates in your Shipping. Read more on Shipping

4. Can I integrate EasyParcel as my shipping method?

Yes, you can integrate with your EasyParcel account and fulfil the order within your EasyStore control panel. Install EasyParcel Fulfillment App to your store.
You may install the App from App Store - EasyParcel Malaysia.

5. How do I charge handling fee?

If your products bring you additional cost - for example heavy and bulky products require machinery handling or fragile products require extra packaging, you can add these incurred cost as handling fee into your shipping charges.

If you use your own shipping method, you can add handling fee with a certain amount per order.

If you use EasyParcel Malaysia Rate, you can add handling fee with a certain amount or a certain percentage per order on top of the shipping charges.


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