In EasyStore, we lived up to our name to provide you an easy-using store! Here are what you can expect:

1. Product Management

Managing your product can be easy and convenient with EasyStore. Now you have all your products, it’s time to have them up on your online store. 

2. Ready Made Templates

We have over 20+ ready made templates for you to choose! No design knowledge is required ;)

3. Collect Customers Data

Collecting customer database allow you to do specific targeting promotion. Ex: Offering discount code for your loyal/ VIP customers. Also, you can send newsletter to different groups of customers with the customers data you have collected. Learn how you can collect customers’ database using or adding your existing/ new customers here .

4. Selling Abroad 

Receiving payment the traditional way (ie, manual atm transfer) is OUT! Payment methods are the key for you to not only get sales locally (and conveniently receive payment) but also abroad!.

Learn here  for the payment gateway options we provide. 

5. Customize your own domain name

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