Note: You can only enable the wholesale portal when you subscribed to the EasyStore Business plan.

Get your wholesale portal ready by enable it now!

1. EasyStore admin panel > Wholesale > Enable.

2. Your wholesale portal go live and can be accessed with

3. Add price list to start selling wholesale price for the specific customers. Insert your desired price list name. 

4. After click Add price list, choose the targets such as storewide or collection(s) or product(s).

5. Next, Add discount rule(s) to control the wholesale price of the products. 


  • Priority: Discount rule(s) would be applied according to the priority from high to low (no. 1 indicates the highest priority).
  • Increment: To require your customers to order group of products.
  • Volume break: Discount based on the volume tiers.

6. Add the selected customers into this price list in order to enjoy the wholesale prices. 

7. The selected customers will receive the invitation emails to activate their permission to your wholesale portal. Your wholesale portal is password-protected and will only allow the invited customer to access it.

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