The bank transfer payment allows your customers to manually transfer the purchase amount directly to your bank account via Cash Deposit Machine, ATM, or online. Your bank account details will be displayed at checkout.

1. Go to Settings > Payments

2. Click on Add payment method and select Bank Transfer.

3. Amend your details and write a message or instruction that you would like your customers to follow to complete the purchase. This will be displayed in the Thank You page after customers places an order.

5. Click on Save after you have amended the content

6. Customers can attach their receipt/bank slip/any document required upon making payment. 

a) Customers will need to log in into their account > My Account

b) Click on the Order number 

c) Attach file

**Orders made through the bank transfer payment method will not be automatically marked as paid. You will need to manually mark as paid after the payment is confirmed.

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