In order to start receiving payments, you will need to activate Maybank2u Pay as a payment gateway option for your customers in your Maybank2u Pay control panel. Before you do so, you have to make some changes to the Maybank2u Pay settings.

Please follow the step by step instructions for you to activate Maybank2u Pay Payment Gateway in EasyStore:

Remark: In order to integrate with Maybank2u Pay Gateway, you need to purchase and install Comodo SSL for your website. This is required by Maybank2u required domain must be installed Comodo SSL.

Part 1: Register Maybank2u Pay Account

1. Go to Maybank2u Pay site:

2. If you don’t have an account at Maybank2u Pay, please click the "Sign Up Now" button.

3. Then it will direct you to Sign Up page.

4. Fill up all the details such as First Name, Last Name, Email, Password, and Captcha Answer.

5. Tick on I have read and agree to Terms & Conditions after you have agreed to Maybank2u Pay Terms and Conditions.

6. After you have already done with registration, click "Sign Up Now" button.

7. Click "Back To Home" and it directs you to next page.

8. Then you have to verify your account through the verification email that Maybank sent to you.

9. Click "Verify Email Address" on your email.

10. Click "OK" and your verification is successful.

11. Once you are registered, click "Login to Maybank2u Pay" button.

12. You will be redirected to Apply Here page. In here, you can see all fields that are mandatory to fill in and your status as a new application.

13. You need to fill the form regarding your Business Details (About Your Company & You) and Declaration.

14. Once you have completed all the details, click Submit your Application.

15. After submission, you have to wait for the notification email from Maybank of your Maybank2u Pay application been approved. It may take several working days.

Part 2: Fill Up Technical Requirement

1. You may logon to your Maybank2u account.

2. In order to get the Payee Code, you need to get the Response URL first.

User Acceptance Testing:


3. Click "Technical Requirement"

4. Paste your User Acceptance Test (UAT) and Live Response URL.

5. Enter Port Number. *The HTTPS URL port number is 443.

6. SSL Certification. To establish the secure connection with your Response URL.  You may upload the Comodo SSL zip file to both environments.

7. Technical Representative’s Contact Details. Please select Outsourced/ Hire company to do and fill in the details as follows:

8. Click "Submit".

9. Wait for the confirmation from Maybank2u Pay before you proceed with Testing.

Part 3: Get User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Payee Code

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is to make a successful testing checkout with one of your product. This is for testing purpose only before you go to Live (Production) URL.

1. First, you need to receive an e-mail from Maybank2u Pay after you have done submitting both User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Live URL to get the Payee Code.

2. Then sign in to Maybank2u Pay and click "Payee Code" button.

3. Inside Your Payee Details page, there will be Payee Code for User Acceptance Testing to successfully integrate with Maybank2u Pay Payment Gateway.

4. Go to EasyStore Control Panel > Setting > Payment > Maybank2u Pay Gateway

5. Key in the Account Number, and paste UAT payee code, and click "Save".

Remark: Kindly make sure the Production Payee Code is empty for UAT payee code testing. 

6. After activated, you may click "Edit" and disabled the payment method to prevent the customer to select the Maybank2u pay payment method as it still under testing environment. 

7. Go to your website, add the product to cart and proceed to the checkout page. 

8. You may add "?testing=true" at the end of url, and press "Enter" to refresh the page.

9. After the page refreshed, you may click "Place Order Now"

10. You are able to see the pop-up with regarding on the Maybank2u Pay Test Environment. Click on "Success" to proceed further.

11. It will show you RPN has sent Successful Status to Maybank2u Pay.

12. If you encountered “Payee does not exist” error, it means your UAT code is yet to be configured by Maybank technical team. You may try again after few days. If the error still persists, please refer back to Maybank regarding the error.

13. Screenshot the success pop-up.

14. Upload the screenshot of your UAT success pop-up on your Maybank2u Pay portal under tab Payee Code.

15. Please send an email at or call 03-20708833 (ext. 18728) to notify you completed your testing.

16. Maybank will provide UAT Sign Off form. Fill up the form and send back to them.

17. After you receive an email reply from Maybank acknowledging your testing has been succeeded, they will provide Live Payee Code for Production at Maybank2u Pay portal.

Part 4: Get Live Payee Code

This is for production purpose. This can only be done after you have completed your testing.

1. To get the Payee Code, you need to receive an e-mail from Maybank2u Pay after you have successfully for testing for User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

2. Then sign in to Maybank2u Pay and click Payee Code button.

3. Inside Your Payee Details page, there will be Payee Code for Live URL to successfully integrate with Maybank2u Pay Payment Gateway.

4. Copy Payee Code and Paste into EasyStore Maybank2u Pay Gateway, and click "Update".

5. You are now able to use Maybank2u Pay as your payment method. 

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