Getting Started

Make sure you have a registered account with MOLPay. You will need the Merchant ID and Verification Key to proceed. 

Don't have an account? Click here for more information on MOLPay accounts

Integrate MOLPay Payment Gateway

1. Go to Settings > Payments.

2. Click on Add payment method to view the list of available payment gateways.

2. Select MOLPay.

3. Insert your Merchant ID & Verify Key that MOLPay provided.

4. Login to your MOLPay dashboard and insert the ]Return URL, Notification URL & Callback URL as below

Return URL : http://yourdomainname/payments/molpay/accept

Notification URL : http://yourdomainname/payments/molpay/accept

Callback URL : http://yourdomainname/payments/molpay/accept


If your domain name is with SSL certificate, the link will be - https://yourdomainname/payments/molpay/accept


You may now only need to select the subscribed channels to avoid invalid transaction from your customers.
For example, if you have only subscribed with MOLPay's Direct Internet Banking - Maybank2u, CIMB Clicks, RHB Now and Affin Bank, you may only need to select these subscribed payment options and they will be shown in your checkout page for your customers to select and make payment. 

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