Getting Started

Make sure you have a registered account with iPay88. You will need the Merchant Code and Merchant Key to proceed.

Don't have an iPay88 merchant account?

If you are subscribed to EasyStore 1, 2 or 3 years plan, you're entitled to a complimentary iPay88 Online Banking Plan without any setup fees or annual fees.

This account allows you to accept online banking payment through your online store.

How to apply?

You will receive an email from us upon subscribing to any of EasyStore Yearly Plan/Biennially/Triennially. The application link will be provided in the email.

[Important note] Approval time frame

It will take 2 weeks time for online banking payment method approval.

Integrate iPay88 account with EasyStore

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Settings > Payments > Add payment method

2. Select iPay88.

3. Amend the title of the payment method (Optional) > Insert your Merchant code & Merchant key > Save.

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