Obtain your Billplz Collection ID and API Secret Key

Make sure you have a registered account with Billplz. You will need the Collection ID and API Secret Key to proceed. 

Don't have an account? Click here for more information on Billplz account.

1. Login to your Billplz account and go to Billing.

2. Click on Create Collection

3. Fill in your preferred Collection name, tick the check box and click Submit.

4. Now the Collection for your store has been created and you have your Collection ID.

5. Now to obtain your API Secret Key. Click on the arrow beside your username and click on Settings.

6. Scroll down to the bottom and click on “BILLPLZ SECRET KEY”. There you will get your API Key (API Secret Key).

Integrate with EasyStore

7. Go back to your EasyStore Control Panel > Setting > Payments > Add payment method.

8. Scroll down the list and select Billplz.

9. Fill in the "Collection ID" and "API Secret Key" that you previously obtained from Billplz account and click "Save"


Transaction charges are optional, you may fill in to charge a certain percentage or amount to your customer.

Percentage: Is the percentage of the total order amount.
MYR: Is the value you want to charge/fixed amount. 

Percentage + MYR = The transaction charges will be "percentage of the total order amount" + "value you want to charge/fixed amount"

10. Done

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