With order status, you will be able to track the status of each order and follow up accordingly.

1. Pending

This status will only show for orders with offline payment method selected (eg. Bank Transfer, Money Order etc). For Pending, there will not be a Pay button at your customer's order in "My Account". And once payment is done and verified, you will have to manually change it to Paid by going to:

Control Panel > Orders > Click into Order # > Transaction > Mark as Paid

Manually added orders will show order status as Pending as well.

2. Unpaid

Unpaid will appear when you have payment gateway integration, and they have not completed their payment upon checkout. For this status, customer can go to "My account" and click into the order, there will be a "Pay" button for them to continue with the payment. Once payment is done, it will automatically change to Paid.

3. Paid

Paid is for orders that payment has been completed. An order can be changed to Paid manually or automatically by our system (only for Payment Gateway payment option with integration)

4. Cancelled

You can cancel your order if your customer changed their mind after making the order. To cancel your order, you can go to:

Control Panel > Orders > Click into Order # > "..." button > Cancel Order

5. Unfulfilled

Unlike the other status above, unfulfilled is a status indicator for shipping fulfillment instead of payment. By default, once an order is made, it will show unfulfilled for the order as the product has not been shipped yet.

6. Fulfilled

Once you are ready to ship, click on Fulfill Item in your order and proceed accordingly to change the status.

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