Want to get back your lost orders?

Here you go to check the abandoned checkout and email customer to follow up with the lost orders. 

  1. Admin panel > Orders > Abandoned checkouts

2.Click on the "Abandoned Checkouts", and you see a list of orders has been abandoned by your customer before proceed to make payment.

3.Select one of the order, and you are able to see 2 options. Which is "Send this link to the customer to complete the purchase" and "Send an email to follow up"

4. Option 1, you can copy the link and send it to your customer through email. While customer click on the link, will redirect the customer to checkout page. 

5. Option 2, you may click on the "Send recovery email", and it will pop up a template which contain a button and a link. Then you may click "Send", and the recovery email will send to the customer email. 


Button - Continue on your order, which will link customer to the checkout page to complete the order.

Link - View your store, which will link customer to your store. 

6. Customer will receive your recovery email immediately, and hope you get the lost order back. Good Luck!!! 

Attached GIF image for extra references:

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