You must be having questions on the EasyStore 2.0 as it looks different from your old version. No worries, we have prepared you some guides to help you on board.

1. I do not like the background color

You can always change the background color, image, font, layout at Themes > Customize theme > General

2. I do not like the theme

You can change the current theme and apply another one. Go to Themes > Browse all theme. You can change the theme anytime. Changing another theme will require you to upload the header (logo), slider (banner) again. 

3. Why there’s no sidebar?

In the new EasyStore, sidebar is not available yet. However, you can have it by editing the HTML/CSS. We have a guide here:

4. How to remove the social icon at the footer?

Go to Themes > Customize theme > Social media. Remove any links that you do not need OR replace with your own social media link > Save

5. Why my domain is different?

We allow you to decide when to connect your domain to EasyStore 2.0 as long as before 1 March 2017. Once you’re confirmed & have set up your new EasyStore, you can inform us to connect the domain for you. 

6. Are all the apps free to use?

All apps in EasyStore’s App Store are free to install. However, most apps require you to have an account with the app provider to be able to use the app. They do provide free trial or free plan for you to try out. If you would like to use extra features which not within free trial, an upgrade is needed and the fee is payable to the app company. You may check with the respective apps provider for more information on plans and pricing.

7. All descriptions on the right, I want it to be in the middle
In order to have the description in the middle, you can apply Theme (Inspiration). Only Inspiration theme has centered description display at this moment. 

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