An XML sitemap of your ecommerce site is useful when:

  • Your website is new and want to have it appear on search results
  • Your website has dynamic pages (new or updated products)
  • Your website has a complicated structure or many internal links

an XML sitemap of your online store will ease Google to find your pages when it crawls your website. By submitting your sitemap, it will inform Google about pages on your sites that are available for crawling. 

Note: It is not required to submit a sitemap to Google. Your website can still be indexed.

Submitting a sitemap to Google

Before you can submit your sitemap, you will need to add your online store to Google Webmaster Tools. Follow the Google Webmaster App guide if you haven't done so.

  1. Log in to your Google Webmaster tools and select your site

2. On the left menu, click on Crawl > Sitemaps and click on the Add/Test Sitemap button

3. Add the url of your sitemap. You just need to fill in sitemap.xml in the input box

4. Click Submit and refresh the page.

You will need to wait a while for it to be indexed. After the process is done, you will see how many pages submitted.

Note: You only need to submit the sitemap once.

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