About Lazada

Lazada is pioneering e-commerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. Lazada offers its customers the best possible offering – including multiple payment options, free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments.

Integrate Lazada

Important note

Make sure you have:

i. Applied a seller account with Lazada;

ii. Done setting up your payment & shipping method in EasyStore;

iii. Uploaded your product(s) in EasyStore.

Part I: Install Lazada app

  1. Go to EasyStore Admin > Apps > Featured apps > Search > Lazada

2. Install the Lazada app

3. Set up the synchronization by filling up your Lazada User ID (Email ID as your Lazada) and paste the API key

Part II: Integrate with Lazada account

  1. Log in your Lazada Seller Account

2. Click on your username on the top right of your Seller Account dashboard.

3. Click on "User Management"

4. Copy your API key

5. Set up the synchronization by filling up your Lazada User ID (Email ID as your Lazada) and paste the API key > Save changes

Part III: Sync product to Lazada

  1. Go to Products > Pick a product that you would like to sync to Lazada > Click "+"

 Look for Lazada > Publish

2. Select Category  & Brand >  Submit

4. Fill up the required information > Submit


  •  Kindly make sure you have filled up the required* info to avoid fail to sync to Lazada. 

5. The product has been successfully synced to Lazada. 


  • If the you have failed to sync, kindly go to Apps > Installed apps > Lazada > click on the "Error" to check the error message

Part IV: View products in Lazada panel

1. Log in Lazada Seller Account

2. Products > Manage Products

3. Products will display here.

Latest Update!!!

1. All the product info from EasyStore sync to Lazada is unable to amend in the Lazada app. For example: price, weight, length, width, height, etc. (This is why you see the info is unable to edit in Lazada app)

2. All the product have to update in EasyStore product page. (Product > Select product > update and save)

Where to update the product dimension?

(product with no variants)
Kindly go to Product > Select product > scroll to the shipping part, to insert the package size.

(product with variants)
Kindly go to Product > Select product > Edit variant > select variant > insert the package size.

Must Know!!!

1. If you would like to sell different price in Lazada, you may manually update the price in Lazada account after the product has synced to Lazada. 

2. Every time update product in EasyStore, system will auto update to Lazada as well. So, if you would like to sell different price in Lazada. You have to update the product price in Lazada account as the updated product info has been overwrite the previous price. 

For example, first time sync product price is RM12. And you would like to sell RM15 in Lazada so you manually update to RM15 in Lazada. 

When you update your product (any info) in EasyStore, system will re-sync and update to Lazada. So the price will be overwrite by latest update and become RM12. 

Therefore, you have to update the price to RM15 again in Lazada. 

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