In order to use the following setups, kindly make sure that you have at least EasyStore PLUS package plan as you need to have the Customer groups and Promotions module functions.

1.Go to EasyStore Admin > Customers 

2.Select certain customers (people who are going to be agents of your business) > Manage groups 

3. Create a new customer group
     + Add new groups > Group name (eg. TEST) > select ✅ > Confirm


Select the existing customer group 

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4. Go to Discount create a voucher code (*guide here)

*There is only ONE thing you must set it specifically here which is the customer group (choose the customer group name created). The other options settings can be changed according to your business need.

6. After you apply these settings, the customers fall under the customer group "Agents" can enjoy the special discount all the time and help you resell the products to the other customers.  Done!

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