This guide will help you to generate discount codes or coupon codes that can be used to redeem at checkout.

1. EasyStore Control Panel > Discounts > Promotions > Add promotion

2. Select  Coupon

3. Name your Coupon code (e.x. easystore10)

Tips: Use simple code so it's memorable.

4. Set the Coupon code period

- When the promotion starts

- When the promotion ends

- No expiry date

5. Set the Total quantity available

Tips: You can allow unlimited use of the Coupon code, set a limit for it, or limit to one customer one time usage.

6.  Choose the condition of the Coupon code

- Discount in cash

- Discount in percentage

7. Insert the discount you would like to offer, and for which option

Options available:

a. Order over - When customer spends a certain amount and above

b. Collection - Your product collection

c. Product - For a particular product

d. Product variant - For a particular variant (e.x. S size)

e. Customer in group - For entire group of customer (e.x. VIP group)

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