About Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code for your website that enables you to measure, optimize and build audiences for your Facebook ad campaigns. 

It captures information on the actions people take on your site so that you can run more effective campaigns.

Installing Facebook Pixel App

The Facebook Pixel code must be installed on every page of your website for it to work properly. Instead of having to install the code yourself or get a web developer's help, EasyStore provides an even simpler solution.

 1.EasyStore Admin > Apps > Featured apps > Search Facebook Pixel.

2. Install this app.

3. Click on settings to set up your Facebook Pixel Code.

Getting your Facebook Pixel Code

1. Click on the top menu in your Facebook Ads Manager and go to the Pixels section.

2. Create a Pixel or click on Set Up Pixel if you already have. Choose the Copy and Paste the Code option. Just click to copy the entire code.

3. Go back to the Facebook Pixel app that you just have installed in your control panel. Paste the code inside the empty input box.

4. Save your changes.

**You can use Pixel Helper, which is a tool that helps you check whether your Facebook pixel is working properly. Learn more about Pixel Helper.

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