1. EasyStore Admin > Apps >  Featured apps > Search Facebook Comments 

2. Install this app 


3. Back to Setting- Facebook Comments > Select the setting ( Number of comments , Language , Color Scheme , Order by ) . 

4. Insert your Facebook User ID by following the Moderation Setup

Moderation Setup

- Firstly, find out your Facebook User ID. This is different from your Facebook username, and you can find it out here: Find my Facebook ID

- Copy your Facebook user profile link and paste onto Find my Facebook ID column and click "Find numeric ID".

- Copy your Facebook personal numeric ID and paste to column.

5. Click Find my Facebook ID > Log in to your own Facebook link  (eg http://www.facebook.com/test )

6. Paste your Facebook link into the column provided >  Find numeric ID 

7. You will receive your Facebook personal numeric ID (eg 100001632805808 ) > Copy it 

8. Back to EasyStore Setting - Facebook Comments > Paste the code within the Facebook User ID column >  Save setting


Testing tip:

Visit your store > Select on one of the products > The comment box will appear within the product page

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