Undoubtedly, content marketing plays an important role to close the sales for every visitors. Therefore, we hope you to put some effort into this part. In fact, pages contents are deemed to be able to educate your visitors to take the action you want them to take on your online store. 

Before :

Here are the steps to insert the page content: 

  1. Go to EasyStore Admin > Themes > Customize > Layout

2. Setup the same Layout settings as shown:

3. After that, go to EasyStore Admin > Content > Home > Click on "Home" to manage the content.

4. You may insert wordings or images at this column to display the contents in between the sliders and featured products and save the page.

5. The final page will look like this!

GIF Tutorial:

Do open image in a new tab or save the GIF image for full size viewing

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