[Disclaimer: This promotion is eligible for users who received email 'Back to normal in 48 hours' thus subscribe to any yearly/biennially/triennially plan within 48 hours (start counting from the email delivered time)]

Subscribe to any of our yearly/biennially/triennially plan and get a free domain name (for 1, 2 or 3 years) OR free domain renewal for 2 or 3 years (if the domain is hosted by us).

Redemption for new domain registration:

1. Provide us your details as below:

Your preferred domain: 

Note: There's a chance that the domain is taken, please check the availability here.Registrant first name:Registrant last name: Registrant organization name:Registrant full address:Registrant postcode: Registrant contact number:Registrant email address:

2. Send us information above with subject [Redeem free domain] at support@easystore.co or through in-app messenger.

3. Domain registration will be processed in 3 working days.
4. The domain will be activated in 24 hours upon successful registration.
5. Make sure you verify your domain. You will receive a verification email once the domain is registered, kindly click the verification link within the email. 

Redemption for domain renewal:

  1. Email us at support@easystore.co or contact us through in-apps messenger.

2. We will renew your domain name for two or three years (1 year for 1 year plan; 2 years for 2 years plan subscribers; 3 years for 3 years plan subscribers). This only applicable to domain name that hosted by EasyStore.

3. Kindly allow 3 working days for us to proceed the renewal.

Terms & conditions

  • Domain name is not changeable once it is registered.
  • The promotion is not applicable with other promotions. 
  • The promotion is eligible for users who received this email thus subscribe to any yearly/biennially/triennially plan within 48 hours (start counting from the email delivered time)
  • The promotion is for first-year domain registration + one OR two years (one year renewal for 2 years plan subscribers; two years renewal for 3 years plan subscribers) domain renewal only. It does not include the domain name renewal fee for subsequent years.
  • The redemption is limited to .com or .net domain name.
  • The redemption is not valid for premium domain name. 
  • The promotion can only be redeemed once per subscription. 
  • The free domain name redemption is only valid for 3 months. Subscriber has to redeem the free domain within 3 months after the subscription. 
  • EasyStore reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this offer without any prior notice.
  • By accepting this promotion, you do agree to our terms of service available here
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