Do you know that you can simplify your customers' checkout process for their better online shopping experience? This can be done by eliminating customer account, company name and address line 2 from required fields. Here is how to do it.

1. EasyStore Admin > Settings > Checkout

1. Customer account

You can choose whether a customer needs to login before checkout or not.

(a)  Accounts are disabled - customers can not login, there will be no Log in OR Create account links on your top bar. Therefore customers can only checkout as guest.


(b)  Accounts are optional - customers can decide whether they want to login to your store before checkout or not.

(c)  Accounts are required - customers must login to your store before they are able to checkout.

2. Company name and Address Line 2

You can choose whether Company name and Address Line 2 are omitted, optional or required during checkout.

(a)  Hidden - fields will be hidden from the Shipping address section in the checkout page.

(b)  Optional - fields will be shown but are optional to fill in or not.

(c)  Required - fields will be shown and are required to fill in before customers able to continue to the next page.

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