A domain, or website URL, is your store address which people type into their browser search bar to reach your store. It is how your customers find your store on the internet. You can have multiple domains for your store.

A custom domain name is important to your store, it builds your brand and adds credibility to your business. An easy-to-remember domain also increases your website traffic.

In this article:

  1. How multiple domains benefit your store?

  2. How to add custom domains for my store?

  3. How to set primary domain?

1. How multiple domains benefit your store

A website having multiple domains attached to it is a lot easier to be found. Your prospects would prefer having more than one way of finding you when using search engines.

💡 Tips : Keyword-rich content can play an important part in Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Lots of businesses use multiple domains to protect their brand. You probably wouldn't be thrilled if another business has a domain name which is very similar to yours. One easy way to help protect it online is by registering multiple domains. The idea is simple: If you own a domain, your competitors don't.

2. How to add custom domains for my store?

3. How to set primary domain?

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Channels > Online Store > Domains > Active domains > Click Edit beside the new primary domain

Step 2 : Check Set as primary domain > Save.

💡 Tips : You can also have a glance on your

  • Domain verification status

  • SSL activation status

  • SSL expiry date

Step 3 : You will be the primary domain here

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