You might have purchased or pointed a domain for/to your store but the status did not turn "Verified". Here are the few FAQs regarding your domain status which explain what is going on with your domain.

1. I have pointed my domain A Record to, but my domain is not pointed to my EasyStore yet.

Answer : If you have edited your domain DNS setting, it will take up to 24 hours for the DNS to refresh. Kindly allow 24 hours for it to take effect.

Please make sure that your DNS Records are pointed accordingly:

  • A Record:

  • CNAME: (without the www in front)

  • TXT Records: please refer to the steps in this help article to obtain the TXT Records

2. I have purchased my domain from EasyStore, and I would like to activate my SSL, but the domain status is pending.

Answer : Please allow up to 24 hours for the status to be updated to "Verified".

3. I have purchased my domain from EasyStore, but the domain is not online yet.

Answer : It should go online within 24 - 72 hours. If it doesn't, please contact us at

4. My domain is purchased from EasyStore not long ago, but it's not available/accessible now.

Answer : Please make sure you have verified your domain through the verification email that sent to you from EasyStore on the day you purchased your domain. If you did not proceed to verify your information, the domain will not be accessible after 1-2 week(s). If you're not able to find that email, please contact us at and request us to resend the verification email. 

5. I have added my domain to EasyStore, but it's not online.

Answer : Kindly make sure you have pointed your domain A record to our IP address (refer here). If you have done it, please allow 24 hours for it to take effect. 

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