It suitable for businesses that allow the customers to select the delivery date. It will help to determine which date your customer would like the order to be delivered. This is suitable for online business as the florist, bakery, customization product, pre-order, etc.

1. Log in EasyStore Control Panel > Apps > More apps > Date Picker > Install this app

2. Set up date picker, and the clarification of the terms:-

Title name (Orange rectangle): The display name that will show on the checkout page.

Minimum day (Yellow rectangle): The minimum of days for the order to be delivered after place order. (Example, the order is placed on 7/5/2017 and the minimum day is '3', so the available date for the order delivery is 11/5/2017 onwards).

Date format (Green rectangle):
The date format show on the date picker field.

Not available weekly on a specific day (Blue rectangle): Merchant can set the day that not available for delivery on a specific day in weekly. 

Not available for a specific date (Brown rectangle): Merchant can set the date that not available for delivery on a specific day.  

Kindly refer to the screenshot for reference:-


3. Make sure you [turn On] the date picker > Save

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