Having informative content can help provide a source of information and educate your visitors/customers. They can get the information they need regarding your business to get to know you better before proceeding with the purchase decision. Hence, here is the solution if you are having difficulty typing the description/content.

This guide is referring to the description/content for :

If you are having an issue where you are not able to type the description as the image shown below :

Please make sure that your browser does not have AdBlock extension. You can choose to uninstall/remove it from your browser.

Surf the web without annoying pop ups and ads!

If you didn't install the Adblock extension, kindly provide us a screenshot of your browser extension list

  • Chrome: Open browser extension list and click the 3 dots at the top right of the browser > Click "Settings" > Click "Extensions" at the sidebar

  • Safari: Open browser extension list > Click "Safari" > Click "Preferences" > Click "Extensions" tab

Feel free to send it to support@easystore.co for further assistance!

However, if you wish to enable AdBlock extension on your browser, you may follow the steps below to solve the product description issue.

Step 1 : Click on the extension 🧩 icon

Step 2 : Click on the AdBlock

Step 3 : Click "Always" and it is required to refresh the page

Step 4 : The column for the description/content should be appearing now and you can start writing in the content.

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