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  1. Introduction

  2. Connect EasyShip account to your store

  3. Fulfill order and send parcels using EasyShip service

  4. FAQ

📌 Before you begin :

  • Make sure you have registered an account with EasyShip. If you have yet to register, please click here and proceed to sign up

  • EasyShip is one of the recommended logistic services for Singapore merchants besides EasyParcel Singapore

  • Please set a weight for all of your products before you integrate with EasyShip

  • Shipment must be done from Singapore since the default origin country code is SG

1. Introduction

EasyShip is a logistics service that allows you to ship internationally and it is one of the famous shipping automation and order management platform. It provides various courier services such as :

  • TNT

  • DHL eCommerce

  • Aramex

  • SkyPostal

  • SP Express

  • FedEx

  • GlobalPost

and many more. You can browse through the courier services available & the rates here. Also, here are some resources you might find useful :

2. Connect EasyShip account to your store

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore app > Search for EasyShip Logistic and install the app

Step 2 : You need to get the Easyship Access Token by login into the dashboard here

Step 3 : Go to Connect > New Integration > API Integration, and insert the Integration Name > Confirm

Step 4 : Copy the Production Access Token

and paste it here

Step 5 : You can complete the remaining settings for :

💡 Tips: If you wish to specify each products categories, you can click into the Item category and select the item category for each of your product

Step 6 : Fill in the packaging box dimension (required)

Step 7 : Save

3. Fulfill order and send parcel using EasyShip service

Step 1 : Go to Orders > click into the order > Fulfill > EasyShip Logistics

Step 2 : You will be directed to the order fulfillment page. From here, kindly fill in your

  • Product Weight

  • Width, Height, Length

  • Can reselect Category if needed

Step 3 : Click Quote Shipping Rate and select the services available

Step 4 : Select the courier & rates available there and fulfill the orders

Step 5 : Done!

4. Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do I need to register an account?
You are recommended to register an account here. You will have 30 days free trial and if you wish to continue using EasyShip after the free trial, you may refer here to know more on the pricing plans

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