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  1. About LINE Order Form

  2. How does it work?

  3. Steps to setup LINE Order Form

  4. Tips : Insert referral code in LINE Order Form

1. About LINE Order Form

  • Just create a form and you will get a permanent link for every form created, the link is a shorten link (e.g. that can be shared across your social media, messaging app.

  • Customers can place order and make payment (both manual & auto payment gateway for normal checkout) via LINE

  • For LINE shortlink checkout, only support manual payment method.

  • You can create different form that include different products. For example, one form is for seafood, another form is for meat.

  • We suggest one form includes not more than 30 products for the best mobile scrolling experience for your customers.

2. How does it work?

Message from customers

  1. Customer messages you on LINE

  2. Send them your order form link

  3. Customer choose the products they want, fill up details > "Send Message" to ask more questions or "Buy Now" to proceed with payment

  4. You receive order via LINE

  5. If "Send Message" was pressed, a second link will be generated, customer can click this link to proceed with payment too

Share link on social media/message app

  1. Customer clicks the link to place order

  2. You receive orders via LINE

  3. Customer can click second link to pay

This is a demo on the conversation :

3. Steps to setup LINE Order Form

Step 1 : Admin panel > Channels > LINE

Step 2 : Settings > Fill in your display name and LINE Official Account ID (starting with @) that will be receiving orders

Step 3 : Save

Step 4 : Back to Order forms > Add order form

Step 5 : Insert title > Choose products for your form

Step 6 : Choose the information you need from customers

Step 7 : Save > Get your form link

Step 8 : Share this link to your customers and start receiving orders via LINE

4. Tips : Insert referral code in LINE Order Form

You can allow your referrals to insert their custom code in the LINE order form link. May refer to this guide here to setup referrals.

Step 1: Copy the code behind the referral link.

Step 2: Paste the code at the end of the order form's link. Then you can track the order forms link from your referrals.

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