In this article:

a. Introduction

b. Connect OnVoard: Product Recommender with your EasyStore

c. Setup Recommender

Before you start :

  • Make sure you have installed OnVoard app in your EasyStore

  • Must connect your EasyStore account with OnVoard. Don't know how to connect? Click here

  • Make sure you have a registered account with OnVoard. If you do not have a OnVoard account yet, click here to register

  • For OnVoard pricing and plans, kindly refer to this page here

a. Introduction

Product recommendations are one of the important component for marketing as it provides your customers a quicklier and easier way to look for the products that they might be interested in. OnVoard: Product Recommender could provide more relevant options to improves your customers' shopping experience and engagement too!

See Demo Store to view examples for OnVoard: Product Recommender widget.

b. Connect OnVoard: Product Recommender with your EasyStore

Step 1: EasyStore Admin > Apps > Featured apps > Search OnVoard: Product Recommender

Step 2: Install OnVoard: Product Recommender

Step 3: Sign in to your OnVoard account. If you do not have an OnVoard account yet, click here to register

Step 4 : Go to E-commerce > EasyStore Settings > Turn on install scripts for OnVoard. By turning on the install scripts, it will automatically install loader script to your store.

📌 Notes :

  • After installing the app integration, OnVoard will automatically import your products and orders data from EasyStore to OnVoard

  • May take up to a few minutes to days for records to be fully imported depending on your product quantity

  • If your store have more than 100k products, the import process may take more than 1 day.

  • The products recommendations will be pre-selected by OnVoard.

  • You can click into the product page to view imported products on OnVaord.

c. Setup Recommender

Step 1 : Once you have connect with the OnVoard : Product Recommender app, you will proceed to the Recommender Overview page here. Click 'View Recommender'

Step 2 : Click 'Add Recommender'

Step 3 : Select the options that you see on the Available Recommendation Logics page

We will select Trending as an example here. Click View Recommender

Step 4 : You will be directed to this page. Do customize the recommender on the left side for Style, Item, Price, Rating, Meta, CSS & Preview.

Step 5 : Next, click the Filter on top (optional). You can setup the Minimum & Tags here once enabled Additional Filters

Step 6 : Next, click Settings.

  • You can rename the recommender's name

  • Make sure you have select Active for the status

  • Fill in the recommender description (optional)

You can select the View & Placement for your OnVoard : Recommender. There are 6 views for selections :

  • Home Page

  • Product Page

  • Collection Page

  • Cart Page

  • Other Pages

  • Fallback

2 selections for Placement :

  • Bottom

  • Custom Placement

For Trending, you can fill in the Lookback Days (Must in between 1 - 30)

Step 6 : Once you have configured, you may click the Submit button on top right.

Step 7 : Once submitted, you'll see the the Recommender that you have created.

You may refresh your EasyStore website once again and you'll see the recommender on the View & Placement that you have selected earlier! You can view the Demo Store to see the examples for OnVoard: product Recommender widget 😉

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