In this article:

  1. Introduction

  2. Connect ABX Express Malaysia (EasyShip account) to your store

  3. How to Ship from Home (pickup service)

  4. How to Ship at Store (dropoff service)

📌 Before you begin :

  • Please go to Settings > Location > Add pickup location before you can use ABX Express app in your store

  • If you do not have an account with ABX Express yet, you may register here

1. Introduction

EasyShip is ABX online platform for pick up and drop off service. If you are selling abroad, this logistic service might be suitable for you as it support international shipping as well!

Kindly be informed that this app is integrate by ABX Express. If there is any issue with the order fulfillment, kindly contact ABX Express team for further assistance. Below would be the contact details :

2. Connect ABX Express Malaysia account to your store

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore app > Search for ABX Express and install the app.

Step 2 : Select the Location Name for pickup and fill in other information like Store Name & Email Address.

📌 Important Note : If you do not have an account with ABX Express yet, please register here

Step 3 : Submit

💡 Tips :

  • You can track my shipment by using the tracking number provided here

  • If your tracking ID is not working, please contact your shipper or sender.

  • The maximum weight of parcel that can be delivered is 25kg.

  • There is no maximum weight for international shipment (recommend below 30kg)

3. How to Ship from Home by using EasyShip

📌 Note : The steps below is the pickup service for less than 10 parcels.

Step 1 : Sign In to your account here

Step 2: Select Ship From Home (Pick Up)

Step 3 : Register Sender, Recipient and Shipment Information.

  • Please fill in details for Sender Information on the left section

  • Please fill in the details for Recipient Information on the right section

  • Please fill up the Recipient Information on the bottom section and click Save/Add

📌 Note : The Sender, Recipient and Shipment Information will be added automatically into the Shipment

Step 4 : Select the Shipment details that you would like to send with EasyShip

Step 5 : Select your preferred Payment Method under Payment Information (Bank transfer OR cheque only)

Step 6 : Fill in details for Pickup Information & Click Request Pick Up

Step 7 : Click the Printer Symbol to print out the packing slip at the Pickup Request History List section

Step 8 : Print the packing slip and paste it on your parcel. ABX Express will pickup the parcels from your pickup location.

4. How to Ship at Shop by using EasyShip (dropoff service)

📌 Important Note :

  • Kindly key in your details online, show QR code upon drop off at ABX Express outlets.

  • The steps below is the dropoff service for less than 10 parcels.

Step 1 : Sign In to your account here

Step 2: Select Ship At Shop (DropOff)

Step 3 : Register Sender Information

  • Click the ADD button in the Sender Information Box

  • Fill up the New Sender Information

Step 4 : Register Recipient Information

  • Click on the small circle next to Sender Name to choose your respective Sender Information

  • Fill up the Recipient Information and click Save

Step 5: Generate Consignment Note (also known as packing slip)

  • Select the Respective Sender

  • Scroll down and click Print Preview

Step 6: Print out and paste packing slip on EACH parcel

Step 7: Drop off at Parcel Shop by visiting ABX Express Parcel Shop outlets and make payment over the counter. Can check ABX Express location here

For further information, may refer to ABX Express FAQ page here

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