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1. Get Started

GKASH owns an application known as Gkash eWallet where you can have a walking wallet and make payment through the phone instantly. Besides that, it also allows merchant to create payment links that allow your customers to make payment via the payment link itself and you'll be notified. It also supports most of the payment methods such as :

  • Online Banking via FPX

  • Card schemes - – Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay

  • E-wallets - Gkash eWallet, Boost, Touch n’ Go, Grab Pay, WeChat Pay, Maybank QR, Ali Pay & Razer Pay

📌 Important Note :

  • supports MYR currency

  • If you do not have an account with GKASH, kindly register here

  • Please contact for more details fee structure

2. Integrate with GKASH

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select GKASH

Step 2 : Fill in the Display name and fill in Description which will be shown to customers at checkout

📌 Note :

  • Don't forget to insert your Merchant ID & Signature Key ( provided by GKASH )

  • Make sure 'GKASH is now enabled' is selected

Step 3 : Complete the payment settings for GKASH > Save


📌 Note : Here would be the contact details for GKASH team :

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