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1. Introduction

Atome is pronounced as "A-Toe-Me" and stands for "Available to Me" is a buy now pay later payment gateway that provides installment payment to your customers without any interest fees. You will receive the full amount upon customer purchase, whereas your customers can pay the amount in the span of 3 months' time.

Registered an account with Atome here. The Atome team will reach out to you as soon as the form is filled. Sign the agreement and you will get the API Key and Password to proceed with the integration.

📌 Important Note :

  • Customers need to install the Atome app and register for an Atome account in order to make payment.

  • Customers can download the Atome app through this link here as Atome requires confirmation from the customers through the app.

  • Support MYR, SGD & TWD currency only

  • Regarding the transaction fee, kindly consult as the rates vary.

2. Integrate with Atome

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin > Settings > Payments > Add payment method > select Atome

Step 2: Fill in the Display name and fill in the Description which will be shown to customers at checkout.

📌 Note :

  • Don't forget to insert your API Key & Password ( provided by Atome )

  • Make sure 'Atome is now enabled' is selected.

Step 3: Complete the payment settings > Save

You may send an email to for further clarifications regarding your Atome account!

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