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  1. Connect with Facebook Live
  2. Create and run live
  3. Facebook live message format settings

1. Connect with Facebook Live

Step 1 : Go to EasyStore Admin Panel > Channels > Facebook Live > Enable Facebook Live

Step 2 : Continue as your Facebook account and you are connected.

2. Create and run live

Step 1 : Click Create live video and you will be directed to Facebook Live Producer Page

Step 2 : Fill in the Title (required) and description about your live

Step 3 : Select Use Camera > Click Start screen share

Step 4 : Select screen that you would like to share > Click Share

💡 Tips : Don't forget to open the access for your camera & microphone

Step 5 : Click the Go Live button at bottom left a

Step 6 : Click back to Facebook Live > Live Videos and you'll see the Facebook live at your EasyStore admin panel

Step 7 : Click Add product from the product list > Confirm

📌 Important Note : It is required to select product to sell on your Facebook live

Once product is selected, may click Confirm

Step 8 : After added the product to sell, click Start sell

and it will have a popup as the image shown below :

Customers will be watching your Facebook live on your Facebook page. If customers/viewers are interested with the product that you are selling, they may comment +1 in the comment section as such :

When customers/viewers comment +1, our system will automatically sent them the link to complete their purchased.

If customers/viewers place an order, you will be able to see it on your Admin Panel.

Once you are done with your Facebook Live, you can click Stop Sell button on your Admin Panel.

Next, go to the Live producer page and click End Live Video button

Once clicked the End Live Video button, you will be prompted to this page here. Means you have successfully end the selling session through Facebook Live!

💡 Tips : You can check out your previous streamed video on Streamed Video section to look into the Total order, Total unit and Total amount.

3. Facebook live message format settings

Step 1 : Click into Channels > Facebook Live > Settings to edit the message format here for :

  • Facebook live responder
  • Time Base message

Step 2 : Once edited the message format, click Save.

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